Corporate Website Redesign

Where Stars are Born
Since 1992, Star Magic has been dedicated to discovering and developing FIlipino talents into reputable artists. These artists became the biggest stars of their generations and beyond. The main objective of this project was to create a better way for aspirants, from all walks of life, to sign up in order to increase Star Magic’s current roster of artists. Also, the client wanted to increase the discoverability of their artists and showcase their career portfolio in a more interactive manner.​​​​​​​
Better Interface and Overall Experience
Since one of the requirements of the client was to make the website feel “premium”, the working team decided to update the interface design by creating a new design system and using creative direction to make it more functional and memorable.
Design Lead: Daniel Tamayo
Art Direction: Daniel Tamayo, Jonna Galao
Content: Sierra Borlongan, Jessa Canuto
Strategy: Jeff Corpuz, Ash Del Rio
Development: Concept Machine, Jen Tee, Georgina Tugano
Project Manager: EJ Moran​​​​​​​
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