Levelling Up the Fan Experience

Mastering TV-Digital Integration to Create an Immersive Fan Experience
With a relatively young digital arm, ABS-CBN revolutionized the way stories are traditionally told through a TV-integrated microsite:, which was successfully done without prior experience in this type of integration. The unified vision and passion for the project among all the people involved made it a huge success-- delivering a notable, quality experience to the fans and excellent results for the company in return.
Breaking Through the Broadcast-Exclusive Experience Barrier
With ABS-CBN’s newest attempt in levelling up the fan experience, we have made a TV-digital integration possible and united different kinds of fans—resulting to more than 2.9M page views and over 281,000 engaged users in just 4 months. did not only open doors to a fictional and mythical world for our Kapamilya audiences; it also opened up huge opportunities for the company to fully transform into an agile company that delivers quality, unrivalled stories on all screens.
Concept & Storyboard: Daniel Tamayo, Yoj Directo
Art Direction: Daniel Tamayo, Yoj Directo
Content: Sierra Borlongan, Jan Tejada
Strategy: Kath Aloran
Website Design: Yoj Directo
Website Content Design: Daniel Tamayo
Project Manager: Sarah Sales
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